13 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas

Well Hello There!! Recently I, myself just turned thirteen and it’s like welcoming myself to my whole new teen girl life. So I have some gift ideas for your friend/daughter/etc.

¤ SLR/Instax/Phone – Every girl likes to have some Cameras with them so that they could capture the moments and who the human doesn’t like Cameras. Really!

¤ Human Size Teddy Bear – Well I am a collector of plush toys and I can’t help but love them. I cuddle it every night and also it’s so cute.

¤ Laptop/PC – Some teen girls really like PC’s and Laptop. It can help them with their studies and it also entertain them.

¤ Diary w/Lock – It could be a DIY if you want or maybe just buy one. Every Girl would love a Diary especially with locks because it have like security in it or whatever.

¤ Room Decoration – I think she would love some new Room Decor in her Bedroom. Also make it like some inspirational Quote or something.

Lastly If you don’t know what to give her better just ask her. I know it would be destroying the element of surprise but better ask her few weeks before her birthday to be prepared. 😘




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