First day of School


Starting in a brand new school was really terrifying. You know why because you got no new friends and then you are not familiar with the surroundings. Just like what happened to me.

In the Philippines the starting of the school year is always June and right now I am entering my high school life. I was afraid of everything that comes in my mind like those what if questions. They were all driving me nuts that every time that I would think about school I would like cry or maybe scream. Every time when that happens I would grab my phone and listen to the music Brave by Sara Bareilles.I was a very shy person on my elementary years and right now I was building confidence by the song, it really did help me.

When the day comes the what if questions were all coming back and I tried to push them all away and gladly I did. Literally I was super early that day that I was like the first person in the school but that just made me happy and I don’t know why. The first hour was surely the horror of my life cause many people were going inside the campus and like they saw their old classmates and I was like super silent the whole time. The flag ceremony came and all was into the flow of everything and that was just a relief for me. so flag ceremony done it was time to go inside the classroom. My life was totally not cliché like when the first day comes I would like go into the wrong classroom but my life was totally not like that. I got into the classroom and thank goodness we don’t have any sitting arrangement. For me the second row was the queen’s chair for me and don’t ask me why because I also don’t know. When I glance at my seatmate the first that came in my mind was, she was so cute and for me I want to be friend with her. Her name was Rexxie. After all the subjects in the morning we took our recess. I have no plans on going to the canteen because the canteen was like flooded with people so no thank you for me. The good thing was they have some street foods inside the school grounds and the food was cheaper so street foods it is. Rexxie and I were sitting on a table and this one girl was finding a sit so we both offered a sit for her. Her name was Gly. I was a very open person to everyone once I know him or her so we become close friends by the end of the day.

The day was the complete opposite of what I thought so I was a happy person in my dreams. It’s like expectation vs. Reality. LOL





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