So Busy even for Fun


Usually kids like me should enjoy life and have fun during the time in High School but in my case, it is the total opposite. Sometimes my brother would call me “trying hard” (A person usually of little talent who tries hard, especially through imitation, to succeed, usually to gain fame or popularity. (3) trying hard is a gerund. No. 3 definition by Urban dictionary: trying hard.) Well some part of that thing is right but not everything.

You see I promised myself that I would be part of the Top 15 in our class so that is why I have been studying and doing things I don’t even know how to do. For the whole day I would force myself to listen to my teacher even if my eyes are totally so sleepy and I have this one teacher that teaches Math so boring. It is like her voice is a sleeping song that puts you to sleep and I don’t even understand what she is saying due to my sleepiness.

Tsk. Yea so the whole day I would just listen to my teachers and when the school hour is done l would go home and after going home I would do all my assignments (really, why do teacher always give assignments?) after that I would eat dinner and after that again I would study my notes because maybe the teachers would give surprise quizzes like I say “Always be prepared.” When I am done studying my notes I usually GET TIRED so I sleep at 9pm. For me that time is really early because I would sleep at 2am in the morning on summer but now I would sleep 4 hours earlier.

After sleeping, I would wake up at 2am or sometimes 3am because I would memories those prayers in our school (My school is a Catholic School by the way). Although I am not a Roman Catholic because I am a LDS (Latter Day Saints) I am still required to memories those prayers.IMG_3338-rekita-nicoleIMG_3310CGScreative-Stock-Photo-Freebie1CTPN-©TurquoisePalm-007


For those things that adds grades like extra-curriculum. I tried to join the badminton team which I literally don’t know how to play but I still tried but sadly I didn’t made it. So no sports for me. It is totally killing me that I have no extra-curriculum in sports because it just lowered my grades by I don’t know 5-10%. And for the clubs, I entered the Book Lovers Club because I am a lover of book and the library is my HAVEN.


So that is it. I am so busy with my studies that I have no time for Fun.



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