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Morning with Ether

Hey Guys! Okay now you are reading this thing.

First things first, Probably I would wake up at 5:35 in the morning or maybe 6:00 and then I would use my mom’s phone because I have no phone. I have my own bedroom but
I would rather sleep at the living room in the sofa, it is more colder there. Our sofa is forming like a Letter L, my brother would be in the side where it’s warmer and I will be at the side where it is colder. Okay back to the topic. Wasting time reading wattpad for I think 30 minutes and when my grandma tell me to get up I would curl into a fetus like form and start stretching. 5 minutes after that I would wake my brother and force him to wake up and go to the bathroom first but I would always loose on our debates so I go take a bath first and this might be gross but I hate taking a bath. I feel like we don’t need a bath (I know gross).

After taking a bath I would change to my uniform (Yea we have uniforms) While I am  changing to my uniform my brother would take a bath (we only have one bathroom in the house). After changing, I would go out from the closet and straight to the dining room. The food is already  prepared by my grandma. You already know what happens in breakfast right? I am guessing you know.

When I am done from all those thing I would do my personal necessities when I still have time and if I don’t  probably I would go running around the house moving in fast forward or in my own word I would go shalalalala.

Probably when I reach school the person who is monitoring the late students would countdown from 10 to 1 when I reach the school which means only 10 seconds before the flag ceremony starts. I would be like the last person to enter school before it is considered late. I would walk to the hallway half running because the prayer is about to start. I am a very lazy person and I admit it. When I reach the line I would place my bag right beside and pretend to focus in the prayer but truly I am gasping for air.

That is the things I do in the morning, almost daily. Tell me in the comments if you relate something☺. Yea that’s all.




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