Korean Crushes

Hey everybody it’s been long since I haven’t write in this blog. Let me talk about this cute wierdoes. 
Kim Taehyung 

this guy is the cutest boy I’ve ever seen with my two pretty eyes. His part of a Band Called BTS, one of the most popular korean boy band and he is mostly known by his stage name V. 

Damn His so Cute.

Now he is also trying up on acting. He is one of the actors in Hwarang, a korean telenovela which features many handsome knights. ❤❤❤

He is so cute. His smile and his laugh makes your heart skip a beat. If only I could see him in person because damn I will surely hug and kiss him. 

He is so talented and handsome which just means his the perfect package.

Shin Won-Ho

if you can tell now that I am really obsessed with cute guys. 

He is really cute with those pouty lips and sparkling big eyes. Yea also he is part of a boy group called Cross Gene and I think he is the leader of that group. 

He is also part of a Korean telenovela called The Legend of the Blue Sea. He is playing as guy named Tae Oh which is an intelligent hacker. 

Everytime time I see this Cuties I always show romantic excitement(kilig). This doesn’t make me a wierdo does it? Oh well I’m calling myself a Fan. 
That’s all for this Blog post till next time. 


ether 🦄✨


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